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Seamlessly adapt your assessments for the generative AI era, ensuring academic integrity and innovation.


Revolutionizing Assessment Reform for All Educators

In the rapidly evolving educational landscape, the push for assessment reform is imperative. However, assessment reform often requires time and resources that educators simply do not have. This leads to disparities in educational quality and the adoption of new technologies across courses and disciplines, ultimately failing our students. There is a pressing need for a better approach.


Universal Access

Experience the ease and impact of GXIANGQIN. Our revolutionary platform enables effortless implementation of state-of-the-art assessment reforms with a single click.

Why choose GXIANGQIN

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    Future-proof assessments

    Integrate AI and focus on relevant skill sets to prepare students for the digital future.

How it Works

Input You Assessment

Upload an Existing Assessment in Word or PDF format, or DescribeYour Assessment by answering questions about the subject, learning outcomes, and year level.

AI-Powered Transformation

The AI model, trained on TEQSA guidelines,Higher Education Standards Framework, and leading literature in assessment design, analyses your input to reform your assessment.

Choose Your Path

Presenting two assessments for your chosen AQF level, both aligning with the same outcomes

Human-Centric Assessment: Emphasizes critical thinking, creativity, and communication skills, difficult for AI to replicate.

Encourages ethical AI use, providing safety guidelines and enhancing learning outcomes.

Review, Customise, and Implement

Marking Rubric Provided: Each option includes a specific rubric tailored to its assessment type.

Customisation: Easily adjust the assessment and rubric to fit your course requirements.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Not satisfied? Request another option until it meets your expectations.

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Features and Benefits of GXIANGQIN

GXIANGQIN revolutionizes data comprehension with streamlined assessments, customizable features, and intuitive reporting for improved results.

Intelligent AI Analysis

Feature: Employs a cutting-edge AI model trained on TEQSA guidelines, Higher Education Standards Framework, and assessment Benefit: Ensures assessment reforms uphold top educational standards, empowering educators to create innovative, accredited assessments with integrity.

Dual Assessment Pathways

Feature: Offers two transformative pathways for existing Benefit: Empowers educators to prioritize cultivating invaluable human skills or seamlessly integrating AI into learning, addressing varied educational goals and student requirements..

Customizable Marking Rubrics

Feature: Automatically generates tailored marking rubrics for each assessment suggestion. Benefit: Saves time and enhances the assessment process by providing clear, criteria-based evaluation tools that align with the transformed assessment's goals.

Iterative Refinement Process

Feature: Allows for unlimited revisions and suggestions until the perfect assessment design is achieved. Benefit: Guarantees satisfaction and alignment with course objectives, ensuring educators have a tool that precisely meets their needs without compromise.

Programmatic Assessment Planning

Feature: Specialized functionality for designing comprehensive, program-wide assessment strategies. Benefit: Aids academic leaders in crafting cohesive, progressive assessment plans aligned with program goals, blending human-centric and AI-assisted methods effectively.

User-Friendly Interface

Feature: Designed with a straightforward, intuitive interface for ease of use. Benefit: Reduces the learning curve and implementation time, allowing educators and administrators to focus more on teaching and less on navigating complex software.

The GXIANGQIN Solution

GXIANGQIN democratizes the process of assessment reform, providing every educator with an evidence-based method to transform traditional assessments into models that are fit for the demands of the modern world and the generative AI era.


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